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Dragon Dance

As a dynamic blend of Indian Yoga and Daoist energy work such as Tai Chi, the Dragon Dance consists of repetitive movement sequences and can be experienced as an intense moving meditation.

The class is invigorating and challenging to the body aswell as the ego. Through conscious, focused movements, synchronised with your own breath, we stimulate energy flow and work on stamina, balance and coordination.

After the energising Yang practice the class is completed with a restorative Yin part before a final relaxation.

This practice is for you if you:
* are into more dynamic styles of Yoga such as Vinyasa flow
* enjoy repetitive movement structures that let you sink and feel deeper into their inherent qualities
* want to experience the different vital energies of your body and learn how you can work with them.

Even though it is a set sequence of movements, there are many ways to adapt it to your needs and abilities!

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Wednesday 19:00 - 20:15

18€ single class
85€ block of 5
170€ block of 10