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Instead of simply identifying with the body as an object functioning in society, can we actually experience it as the pulsating, interconnected yet distinct, ever changing life that it is?

How can the body serve as a tool, to not only interact with our surroundings in a more meaningful way, but also to slowly feel our way towards full presence, towards the Self?

In Butoh & Bodywork we approach movement and embodiment with curiosity and in free form. We tune in to our imagination and intuition to find various ways of interacting with and responding to the external but also the internal world - entering deeply into one’s being. Butoh offers a natural way for movement to be born and for the body to be transformed.

The classes are open to everyone interested in:
* developing a liberated approach to movement and their body
* enhancing their sensibilities to the inner world and perception of space
* exploring different movement qualities and possibilities of expression
* discovering new ways of integrating these things in their own artistic practice.

No previous dance experience needed.

Currently the class is limited to a maximum of 6 people due to Covid restrictions.
You need to be tested, recovered or vaccinated in order to participate.

25€ single class
120€ block of 5
240€ block of 10